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Build A Profitable List with Email Marketing
Email Marketing and Segmentation Course
Guide Book (Normal-Dark-Easy Read)
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Mind Map
Resource Report

Email Marketing and Segmentation Videos
Email Marketing and Segmentation Introduction
01 - Be Clear On Who You Wish To Market To
02 - Find The Right Email Marketing Platform
03 - Decide On Your List Incentive
04 - Create And Feature Topnotch List Incentives
05 - Decide Between Updates Versus Pre-Scheduled Emails
06 - Optimize Your List By Targeting Your Traffic Source
07 - Optimize Your Squeeze Page Sign-Up Rate
08 - Identify Your List Segmentation Strategy
Email Marketing and Segmentation Conclusion

Bonus 1 - Email List Management Secrets
Guide Book (Normal, Dark, Easy Read)
Email List Introduction
Lesson 1 - What are email lists all about
Lesson 2 - What can an email list do for your business?
Lesson 3 - Shocking list building facts to consider
Lesson 4 - 7 list building cornerstones
Lesson 5 - Preparing a lead magnet
Lesson 6 - Setting up a lead capture page
Lesson 7 - Setting up email automation
Lesson 8 - Setting up your tracking strategy
Lesson 9 - List building traffic strategies
Lesson 10 - Analyzing your results
Lesson 11 - Optimizing your campaign
Lesson 12 - Creating high converting follow ups
Lesson 13 - Split testing emails
Lesson 14 - Using polls to increase optins
Lesson 15 - Optimizing confirmation emails
Lesson 16 - Resending unopened emails
Lesson 17 - Do's and Dont's
Lesson 18 - Premium tools and services to consider
Lesson 19 - Shocking case studies
Lesson 20 - Frequently asked questions

Bonus 2 - Email Marketing Success
Guide Book (Normal, Dark, Easy Read)
Cheat Sheet

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